Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Different Types of Scrapbooking Templates

Here are some different types of scrapbooking templates which you might think about using:

1) Environmental – These scrapbooking templates incorporate the design of nature in their theme. These templates often include motifs of plants and animals and are designed to showcase the natural beauty of the earth. This type of scrapbooking template is ideal when you are planning to use nature-oriented materials in your scrapbook. This scrapbooking template can be useful if you are planning to include that pebble you brought home as a memory of a walk in the beach, that piece of leaf that serves as a reminder of a very eventful autumn day, and any other organic materials.

This scrapbooking template may also prove valuable when you are trying to put together a scrapbook of different types of “nature trips” such as hiking activities and jungle safaris.

2) Technological – You could also go with a technological scrapbooking template and try to showcase the distance which civilization has come. Technological scrapbooking themes incorporate images you associate with technology. This includes (but is not limited to): computers, microchips, cellular phones, vehicles, gadgets and all other types of symbols used in the world of technology today.

By using technological scrapbooking templates, you actually show to the people how up to date you are on the modern world. You also show a certain mindset that comes with being techno-savvy. By using this type of scrapbooking template, you show that you are open to the evolution of civilization and that your mind can take new ideas. For, in essence, that’s what technology is all about.

3) Sports – Probably one of the most popular types of scrapbooking templates, sports are more often chosen by men to be the overall theme for a scrapbook. This may be because of their upbringing or it may be just because of the fact that it is what society expects them to choose. Sports scrapbooking templates can be divided into three categories:

a) Persona – This type of scrapbooking template showcases different sports personalities and are most often chosen by avid fans. By using this scrapbooking template you actually show your support for a certain player, no matter what current team he or she is playing for. This is also popular for those who follow individual sports, as these sports tend to make celebrities out of the different players.

b) Team – This type of scrapbooking template can be based on a team symbol or team ideal. Images of different team members are also sometimes used in the different pages of the scrapbook. Sometimes, this type of team scrapbooking template is used to signify the unity of a single group. More often, though, this type of scrapbooking template is used to show support for a team or an institution.

This type of scrapbooking template is often supported by alumni of certain schools or residents of certain states.

c) Equipment – This type of sports scrapbooking template showcases the different types of equipment used in a game. This actually is used to signify the virtues of the game as a whole. Whatever game the maker favors can be portrayed using the different equipment used in that game.

Another option is to use different types of equipment to signify sports as a whole. This showcases the athleticism of a scrapbook enthusiast and shows his or her passion for any sport.

4) Emotions – There are actually different scrapbooking templates that use emotion as a base. These templates often signify the chosen emotion through different manners. Here are some of them:

a) Colors – The brightness and darkness of the hues used sometimes show the emotion within the scrapbooking template. If you observe, we sometimes associate different emotions with different colors. Some scrapbooking templates take this further by separating each color into shades and showing the intensity of the emotion vary with the shade.

b) Characters – Different characters are also used to portray different types of emotions. Some characters may be shown with facial expressions that transmit the different emotions. They can also be shown doing different activities, depending on the mood of the scrapbook. Background drawings can also be used to try and reflect on the character what the person is feeling. A rain, for example, can show sorrow or sadness.

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