Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Add Some New Touch to Your Album, Try Using Scrapbooking Charms

Thinking that scrapbooking is a stuff for the amateurs? Well, this time think again.

It takes so much creativity before a theme is produced. For sure, we are not the only ones who sat on the layout with a blank look. In fact, many scrappers experience that. These may be the days when no inspiration comes into mind. This is when inspiration seems to have dried down and concepts don't even pass your thoughts.

Well, there of course are many choices for you to resolve this. One, you can stop trying for sometime and go back to your project sometime later. This will provide "rest" for your mind. Don't do anything that you may associate with scrapbooking and don't even attempt to look at the materials. However, you may always go back to your works and see what you can do next. Afterwhich, you will be surprised at how many ideas would roll once you sit on your working area again.

The second would be to continue trying until a spark of inspiration comes in. This happen often, especially when you set your thoughts free. Who knows how much work will be done after you poured all your imagination on a page.

The bottom line is, there will always come a period when you become so drained and following after is the spread of inspiration.

When this time comes, try to imagine newer ideas. Then once you are done with your evaluation, you will see that in your past works have some flaws in them. Or if you are a beginner, the works of other people may have lacked something or provides an idea with the extra pop.

Your new layout theme screams for something cool, for something that is beyond papers, photos and markers. Probably, the album you are about to start requires embellishments, charms perhaps.

Indeed, scrapbooking has matured since your first trials on the filed during your grade school days. Many of the techniques, methods and materials used have all developed substantially that you can actually put all things that you want in an album, but of course with careful planning.

Because the plethora of scrapbooking materials have evolved dramatically during the past years, it is easier for us to use anything and everything in making masterpieces.

You may have tried using stick-ons, peel-offs and rub-offs. They all allow creative concepts, which are rather common. Or say glitters and chalk powder for added dimension and effects.

Charms are one of the many favorites among scrappers. Well they maybe the charms that you've been given since you were a kid or the charms you have bought some years back. Any of these two revolve around memories and that exactly what scrapbooks contain. They preserve memories of youth, of events or of things that are nearest to your heart. They are like memory keepers that you would one day visit.

Not all of us have these tokens though. Good thing, charms for scrapbooking are available in many local scrapbooking shops in wide array of pre-packaged designs, types and assortments. They are of course easy to find. Most craft stores have them and its just a matter of choosing the charms that you want to see a few years from now or choosing what you think will best fit your concepts.

Unlike bottle caps and a number of in the industry, charms will always provide the assurance that you get the worth of what you bought. There are certainly simple choices that would provide plain and basic designs that give you the advantage of manipulating them towards the goal you desire. And there are those that are intricately made that their mere presence in your album would be enough to consider them as parts of your memories. After all, charms have that touch of uniqueness that may never be had with ribbons, fabrics and bottle caps.

Charms are normally mounted on cardstocks, papers or on any mediums you use as your foundation for scrapbooking. Ensure though that when using charms, you are also equipped with strong adhesives and glues to assure better hold.

If you are not comfortable with this, you can try an alternative that is rather "cute". Turn your charms into danglies. Not only that they are fun to do, they also create less bulky pages.

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