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Quilling for Scrapbooking
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Paper Quilling for Scrapbooking

Paper Quilling is a paper art form where you learn to coil, curl, twist, or fringe long even shreds of paper into a large variety of shapes, creating intricate, beautiful patterns and quilled embellishments. Quilling takes some time to get the hang of but is a much easier embellishing art to do than it seems. You'll certainly be complimented by many people when they see your quilled embellishments since this is a paper craft that looks very detailed and time consuming. It is the perfect scrapbooking embellishment since it is unique, beautiful, and made from acid free paper. You will find with simple to follow DVD instructions, the basics of quilling are easy to master. Then you can start to make your own patterns with ease to jazz up your scrapbooking pages!

The history of quilling dates back hundreds of years but is recently gaining a renewed popularity since quilling patterns are a great way to embellish scrapbooks, invitations, announcements, and home-made cards. Besides that, the cost to get started with quilling is a lot lower than almost any other craft you could create at home! Although the art of quilling has been around for years, it is not very popular in large crafting superstores so you may have a hard time finding supplies unless you know where to look on the web.

Often people wonder what types of quilled patterns they can create with quilling paper strips. The majority of work you will see is probably flowers since quilled flowers are a lot of fun to make and are a very popular in many female scrapbooking pages. Beyond flowers, you'll find that you can create with quilling almost any quilled image you can think of! Things like animals, numbers, beach items, and holiday themes are great items you can learn to quill with paper to create amazing intricate and beautiful scrapbooking embellishments! You will have a lot of fun experimenting with quilling even if you don't have a pattern to follow (although it definitely helps for beginner quillers).

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Different Types of Scrapbooking Templates

Here are some different types of scrapbooking templates which you might think about using:

1) Environmental – These scrapbooking templates incorporate the design of nature in their theme. These templates often include motifs of plants and animals and are designed to showcase the natural beauty of the earth. This type of scrapbooking template is ideal when you are planning to use nature-oriented materials in your scrapbook. This scrapbooking template can be useful if you are planning to include that pebble you brought home as a memory of a walk in the beach, that piece of leaf that serves as a reminder of a very eventful autumn day, and any other organic materials.

This scrapbooking template may also prove valuable when you are trying to put together a scrapbook of different types of “nature trips” such as hiking activities and jungle safaris.

2) Technological – You could also go with a technological scrapbooking template and try to showcase the distance which civilization has come. Technological scrapbooking themes incorporate images you associate with technology. This includes (but is not limited to): computers, microchips, cellular phones, vehicles, gadgets and all other types of symbols used in the world of technology today.

By using technological scrapbooking templates, you actually show to the people how up to date you are on the modern world. You also show a certain mindset that comes with being techno-savvy. By using this type of scrapbooking template, you show that you are open to the evolution of civilization and that your mind can take new ideas. For, in essence, that’s what technology is all about.

3) Sports – Probably one of the most popular types of scrapbooking templates, sports are more often chosen by men to be the overall theme for a scrapbook. This may be because of their upbringing or it may be just because of the fact that it is what society expects them to choose. Sports scrapbooking templates can be divided into three categories:

a) Persona – This type of scrapbooking template showcases different sports personalities and are most often chosen by avid fans. By using this scrapbooking template you actually show your support for a certain player, no matter what current team he or she is playing for. This is also popular for those who follow individual sports, as these sports tend to make celebrities out of the different players.

b) Team – This type of scrapbooking template can be based on a team symbol or team ideal. Images of different team members are also sometimes used in the different pages of the scrapbook. Sometimes, this type of team scrapbooking template is used to signify the unity of a single group. More often, though, this type of scrapbooking template is used to show support for a team or an institution.

This type of scrapbooking template is often supported by alumni of certain schools or residents of certain states.

c) Equipment – This type of sports scrapbooking template showcases the different types of equipment used in a game. This actually is used to signify the virtues of the game as a whole. Whatever game the maker favors can be portrayed using the different equipment used in that game.

Another option is to use different types of equipment to signify sports as a whole. This showcases the athleticism of a scrapbook enthusiast and shows his or her passion for any sport.

4) Emotions – There are actually different scrapbooking templates that use emotion as a base. These templates often signify the chosen emotion through different manners. Here are some of them:

a) Colors – The brightness and darkness of the hues used sometimes show the emotion within the scrapbooking template. If you observe, we sometimes associate different emotions with different colors. Some scrapbooking templates take this further by separating each color into shades and showing the intensity of the emotion vary with the shade.

b) Characters – Different characters are also used to portray different types of emotions. Some characters may be shown with facial expressions that transmit the different emotions. They can also be shown doing different activities, depending on the mood of the scrapbook. Background drawings can also be used to try and reflect on the character what the person is feeling. A rain, for example, can show sorrow or sadness.

Add Some New Touch to Your Album, Try Using Scrapbooking Charms

Thinking that scrapbooking is a stuff for the amateurs? Well, this time think again.

It takes so much creativity before a theme is produced. For sure, we are not the only ones who sat on the layout with a blank look. In fact, many scrappers experience that. These may be the days when no inspiration comes into mind. This is when inspiration seems to have dried down and concepts don't even pass your thoughts.

Well, there of course are many choices for you to resolve this. One, you can stop trying for sometime and go back to your project sometime later. This will provide "rest" for your mind. Don't do anything that you may associate with scrapbooking and don't even attempt to look at the materials. However, you may always go back to your works and see what you can do next. Afterwhich, you will be surprised at how many ideas would roll once you sit on your working area again.

The second would be to continue trying until a spark of inspiration comes in. This happen often, especially when you set your thoughts free. Who knows how much work will be done after you poured all your imagination on a page.

The bottom line is, there will always come a period when you become so drained and following after is the spread of inspiration.

When this time comes, try to imagine newer ideas. Then once you are done with your evaluation, you will see that in your past works have some flaws in them. Or if you are a beginner, the works of other people may have lacked something or provides an idea with the extra pop.

Your new layout theme screams for something cool, for something that is beyond papers, photos and markers. Probably, the album you are about to start requires embellishments, charms perhaps.

Indeed, scrapbooking has matured since your first trials on the filed during your grade school days. Many of the techniques, methods and materials used have all developed substantially that you can actually put all things that you want in an album, but of course with careful planning.

Because the plethora of scrapbooking materials have evolved dramatically during the past years, it is easier for us to use anything and everything in making masterpieces.

You may have tried using stick-ons, peel-offs and rub-offs. They all allow creative concepts, which are rather common. Or say glitters and chalk powder for added dimension and effects.

Charms are one of the many favorites among scrappers. Well they maybe the charms that you've been given since you were a kid or the charms you have bought some years back. Any of these two revolve around memories and that exactly what scrapbooks contain. They preserve memories of youth, of events or of things that are nearest to your heart. They are like memory keepers that you would one day visit.

Not all of us have these tokens though. Good thing, charms for scrapbooking are available in many local scrapbooking shops in wide array of pre-packaged designs, types and assortments. They are of course easy to find. Most craft stores have them and its just a matter of choosing the charms that you want to see a few years from now or choosing what you think will best fit your concepts.

Unlike bottle caps and a number of in the industry, charms will always provide the assurance that you get the worth of what you bought. There are certainly simple choices that would provide plain and basic designs that give you the advantage of manipulating them towards the goal you desire. And there are those that are intricately made that their mere presence in your album would be enough to consider them as parts of your memories. After all, charms have that touch of uniqueness that may never be had with ribbons, fabrics and bottle caps.

Charms are normally mounted on cardstocks, papers or on any mediums you use as your foundation for scrapbooking. Ensure though that when using charms, you are also equipped with strong adhesives and glues to assure better hold.

If you are not comfortable with this, you can try an alternative that is rather "cute". Turn your charms into danglies. Not only that they are fun to do, they also create less bulky pages.

Scrapbooking for Cousins: Recording Family History

You cant be further from the truth if you say that scrapbooking are for kids. Well, it is still the same thing. Only that scrapbooking is for kids age 7 to 99.

Scrapbooking has set the trend for keeping memories and memorabilias, which obviously came from the past. And the past as we know will always retain its state for there is no other way to have it wheel back. The things that we did with our time given in the past will always be shelved in our recollections.

And with the latest photographs coming, what would you want to do with them. As you flip through the faces of people who remain close to your heart, families and friends that has revolved around your memories and the relatives and cousins that caused you joy, you cant fight the urge of smiling. Remembering all the fun you had when you were actually at the moment of doing the memories.

You won't keep those precious memories in the drawers right, or in the box or anything away from the light. All you want to do is to have them face you each moment you want to flip through them again. So never put them in the dark.

Our families are the closest people to us. We may sway away from them at times and wish that we were in a different family. But you see, when all things turn away from us, the only people that we can fall back to are our families. They are literally, the persons we cant get away from.

We Americans are not as family-oriented though as compared with those of the ties that we may see from other cultures. We don't give as much credit to family extensions and we have ample reasons for that. In many occasions, we may even have lost faith in our families and brought ourselves into destruction and separation. That's normal for us but this must not be the case. This should never be but its happening.

However, to all things there are exemptions. For some Americans, their foundations on family ties are so solid that they seem to have sprouted from another culture. They're like Orientals who have grown and lived through life within the boundaries of their family ties.

They have seen grandpa celebrated his 75th year. Or see Uncle Sam wed beautiful Sally. Or has enjoyed the cake that mom baked during cousin Anne's debut. These memories of family deserve to be preserved, in any fashion that would enhance them and will help leap you back through ages and experiences.

And what can be more special than making a scrapbook album for them?

Then main aim of scrapbooking your family photos is to preserve tokens of the past with your relatives. Everyone has a story to tell and you would be glad that you took time preserving them all for the next members of the family to see.

Once the faces of your cousins, aunts and uncles and everyone are put in an album, they would no longer be forgotten. When they see your work twenty years from now, no one would have to wonder who were the people in the photographs. This normally is the case and you would not want trying to identify that the man in the suit is Uncle Jim and the baby on Grandma's lap is cousin Jenny.

Scrapbooks can be of any theme, it might be a scrapbook dedicated for your cousins or scrapbooks for your best buddies in the family. It may even be the stuff that will tell stories of a specific events involving your clan.

You need not fear the failure on your first attempt or the failure of disappointing the people you would be putting in you album. If this is your first trial then forgive yourself and do good on your consequent attempts. It is best that you do your first scrapbook with the help of a close relative. Or if you can gather a group of relatives then better. That way, you'll enjoy saving memories while making new sets.

And some day, when all your family member grows old, you will leaf back through the pages of your scrapbooks. And as you do, smiles will be on your face and laughter would fill the air as you remember how you created those memories and how you created the memory keepers.

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Some Ideas for Scrapbooking Pages

Finding ideas to apply to your scrapbooking can be such a big pain. You are faced with the prospect of creating a masterpiece, yet you don’t really know how to begin. Here are some suggestions for you to try out:

1) Color – The simplest idea for a scrapbooking page should be a color. Basing your scrapbook pages on a single color though, can be quite complex if you want it to be. There are shades to experiments with. By trying on different shades of a color, you can have variety and yet stick with the same scrapbooking idea.

Another fun scrapbooking page idea that involves colors has you researching their different interpretations. By using colors this way, you can actually have a message that means something special to you.

2) Literature – Think of your favorite piece of literature and base your scrapbook on that. Taking inspiration from books or a poem is a really good scrapbooking idea. You see, authors sometimes picture their characters and stories so vividly, that you can visualize them in your mind. By placing these images on paper, you can actually share with people something that so inspired you.

Basing your scrapbook on a piece of literature can be pretty deep for some people to take. You may have to do a bit of explaining before someone gets the message of the scrapbook. In doing so, you get to show a part of your soul to the readers. It may also inspire people to take up reading.

3) Characters –Characters abound in the world that people can take inspiration from. In using characters, you have two options:

A. Fiction – this idea for scrapbooking pages involves you taking a fictional character and using that character as an inspiration for your scrapbooking page. Contrary to what most people think, fictional characters are actually harder to research on than actual, living characters.

One reason is the fact that different people have different interpretations of them. Take Batman, for example. In the sixties, the TV series portrayed him as this campy superhero who wears grey and blue spandex. In the 1989 movie, he’s a bit more brooding, and wears protective armor. In the movie “Batman and Robin” he is portrayed as this not so brooding, talkative character who wears a rubber suit with nipples. See how different people’s perceptions of a fictional character can be?

One advantage to this, though, is the fact that you can have more freedom with this idea for a scrapbooking page. You see, not many people will question your interpretation of a fictional character.
B. Non-fiction – In this idea for a scrapbooking page, you take your inspiration from a real person. It doesn’t really matter if they are alive or dead. However, remember that people change all the time. Just take a look at Britney Spears and you’ll probably realize the meaning of this statement.

By using real persons as your inspiration, you are actually offered a whole lot of detail on their lives. However, you won’t really have the same freedom as when you are trying to do a fictional character.

4) Activities – Try getting an idea for scrapbooking pages from your favorite activity. Most guys would choose sports and stuff, and nothing’s wrong with that. However, you may want to try being different and think outside the box. Base your scrapbook on an interest which no one can really guess. In doing this, you’ll get to have additional fun by having people guess the connection of the page to the activity.

Sometimes, people tend to categorize us through our activities. However, you might want to prove to others your true depth by showing in your scrapbook that a certain activity foes not define the “whole” you.

You might want to show, using your scrapbook that even though you enjoy a particular activity, it is only a minor part of your existence and that you have a deeper facet to your personality than being a computer whiz, basketball jock and other stereotypical labels.

There you go: those are just some ideas for scrapbooking pages you might think about trying out. By trying out different things before you actually use them, you can actually see if those ideas for scrapbooking pages fit your personality.

Great Scrapbooking Supplies for Starters

You have seen several of your friends’ scrapbooks. You have also developed a growing interest to make one of your own. You finally decide to make some moves and go to the scrapbooking shop and grab some supplies. But once you enter the shop and see what is in store for you, you found yourself totally lost with hundreds of items to choose from. The same feeling of being lost also happens to other starters like you, believe it or not. Surely, you don’t want to end up picking up some items you just thought you might need but you really do not. You want to have specific list of scrapbooking supplies you can use.

To help you out on this, here are some of the scrapbooking supplies must haves to start you with your scrapbook making:

Album – When selecting an album, consider the size and the theme you want to achieve. A definite size would help you plan the overall look of your scrapbook while the theme would help you choose the style of album you need. Try to find a large album if you want a good space for elaborate decoration; of course, this would depend on the theme you want to adopt. A small album is also okay if you prefer a manageable space. Sometimes, scrapbook enthusiasts have small and large ones but as a beginner, you may want to start on one size and improve from there.

Album refill – You may want to include album page refills the moment you buy your album. This is because album refills do not have standard sizes and you may not see refill that matches the size of your album in the future. Grab some packs so that you would not have to worry about finding one when you need them. Make sure also that when you buy an album, refills are available. Pick refills from the same album manufacturer you have bought.

Adhesive – There are several types of adhesive. There are also several brands of adhesives you can buy. Pick one or two that would match the exact need of your scrapbook. Glue Dots, Mod Podge, Triple Thick, EZ, 3D Dots, and Xyron are some of the brands you might want to pick.

A Pair of scissors – It is always advisable if you have a separate scissors for your scrapbook. This will let you keep it as sharp as possible. Your mom does not want you to use the kitchen scissors is another good reason why you should have your own pair of scissors exclusively for your scrapbook.

Papers – Different kinds of papers would let you have a beautiful scrapbook. But if you select one, make sure that the colors you pick match your chosen theme. You may want to go to scrapbooking shop and get different types of paper sold in sheets. This will give the pages of your scrapbook some variations.

Journal pens – If you buy journal pens, consider the permanent marking, fine tips, and acid-free ones. Acid-free pen is a must because it will keep the album clean and free from chemical reaction that would cause the pictures and the album to deteriorate.

Additional supplies:

Acrylic paint – For more vibrant look of the pages of your scrapbook, colored pens and papers may not be enough. You may want to add some acrylic paint on your shopping. You can buy them in batches or individually.

Rubber stamps – Rubber stamps could add more color and style to your scrapbook. Rubber stamps come on different shapes, sizes, and styles. Choose some that would enhance the look of your scrapbook.

Rub-Ons – To free yourself from cutting or writing texts on to your scrapbook, rub-ons are nice alternatives.

Die Cut Machine – To have a perfect cut every time you make some texts, purchase a die cut machine.

Scrapbooking kit – a clean and exclusive compartment of all your scrapbooking supplies is a must. Thus, you may want to have your own scrapbooking kit.

These are some of the things you could have as you start your own scrapbook. Make sure you have the primary things before buying other supplies that are more expensive.

Gook luck and happy scrapbooking!