Friday, February 5, 2010

Paper Quilling for Scrapbooking

Paper Quilling is a paper art form where you learn to coil, curl, twist, or fringe long even shreds of paper into a large variety of shapes, creating intricate, beautiful patterns and quilled embellishments. Quilling takes some time to get the hang of but is a much easier embellishing art to do than it seems. You'll certainly be complimented by many people when they see your quilled embellishments since this is a paper craft that looks very detailed and time consuming. It is the perfect scrapbooking embellishment since it is unique, beautiful, and made from acid free paper. You will find with simple to follow DVD instructions, the basics of quilling are easy to master. Then you can start to make your own patterns with ease to jazz up your scrapbooking pages!

The history of quilling dates back hundreds of years but is recently gaining a renewed popularity since quilling patterns are a great way to embellish scrapbooks, invitations, announcements, and home-made cards. Besides that, the cost to get started with quilling is a lot lower than almost any other craft you could create at home! Although the art of quilling has been around for years, it is not very popular in large crafting superstores so you may have a hard time finding supplies unless you know where to look on the web.

Often people wonder what types of quilled patterns they can create with quilling paper strips. The majority of work you will see is probably flowers since quilled flowers are a lot of fun to make and are a very popular in many female scrapbooking pages. Beyond flowers, you'll find that you can create with quilling almost any quilled image you can think of! Things like animals, numbers, beach items, and holiday themes are great items you can learn to quill with paper to create amazing intricate and beautiful scrapbooking embellishments! You will have a lot of fun experimenting with quilling even if you don't have a pattern to follow (although it definitely helps for beginner quillers).

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